Blogging for SEO

blogging for SEO

Blogging for SEO, what are the benefits?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you’re not alone. Find out why blogging for SEO will earn you brownie points with Google and help to build trust and credibility for your business.

Boost SEO Results

Once considered something for only bloggers, posting good quality content in the form of blogs should now be part of any SEO strategy. Writing original good quality content that provides a reader with valuable information will help to boost SEO results. SEO involves a series of activities that optimise your content to improve organic traffic, so the better you optimise your blog posts, the higher your web pages will list on search engine result pages. Therefore, more people can find your website and get to know your business.

On average companies that blog gain twice as much web traffic as those that don’t

Blogging for SEO and posting fresh new content on your website will tell Google that the content on your site is relevant and up to date, sound easy? Many companies find that changing content on a regular basis for each webpage can be a challenging task. The most this will be changed is once or twice a year, not enough to satisfy Google, so this is where blogging comes in.

Creating a blog for your website gives you the opportunity to continuously publish new posts relevant to your specific topic. This revolving door of new content will keep your website relevant. It does this by giving Google more pages to index, in turn moving you nearer to the page one spot.

Optimising a blog post

Creating a blog post is one hurdle overcome, but optimising it is a whole new ball game. There’s no magic recipe, and the goalposts for search engines move regularly. If you have the time, schedule a time each week to set out each topic so you know ahead of schedule what things you want to talk about. There are various online tools that can help with using effective keywords so that Google knows to look out for your content and will place it in front of a willing reader.

Use images in your blog post

It might seem obvious but choosing the right engaging image might be the reason someone does or doesn’t click on your post. Keep it relevant, original and intriguing. The right image will catch the reader’s eye and help them to commit to reading the content. If your chosen topic is popular, the image will differentiate your content from a lot of other similar blog posts.

Blogging for SEO is a powerful way to help increase your business visibility online. Choosing the right image with original content is a great way to place your business in front of potential new customers, and Google will reward you. If you don’t have the time, use a skilled copywriter who can create original content for your target audience.

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